Main Event

Final Table Draw and Chip Counts

mnuwwarah • Level 16: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante
Tom Annonson leads the final 10.

Players are on a 50-minute dinner break. They've redrawn for the final table, and here are the counts and positions.

1Shawn Schoreck292,000
2Robbie Matthews212,000
3Mihail Karasoulis119,000
4Michael Benton111,000
5Kou Vang204,000
6Allen Kessler94,000
7Tom Annonson602,000
8Daniel Holmes380,000
9William "Monkey" Souther260,000
10Erica Sumner98,000
Player Chips Progress
Tom Annonson
Tom Annonson
602,000 12,000
Daniel Holmes
Daniel Holmes
380,000 -85,000
Shawn Schoreck us
Shawn Schoreck
us 292,000 168,000
Will Souther (Will "Monkey" Souther)
Will Souther (Will "Monkey" Souther)
Robbie Matthews
Robbie Matthews
212,000 127,000
Kou Vang us
Kou Vang
us 204,000 42,000
Mihail Karasoulis
Mihail Karasoulis
119,000 6,000
Michael Benton us
Michael Benton
us 111,000 -29,000
Erica Sumner
Erica Sumner
98,000 3,000
Allen Kessler us
Allen Kessler
us 94,000 -11,000

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