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Main Event

Jeremy Ehrke Eliminated in 4th Place ($35,740)

gqzdaddy • Level 29: 40,000-80,000, 10,000 ante
Jeremy Ehrke

Jeremy Ehrke moved all in and Jeremy Dykhouse called from the big blind. Ehrke was in bad shape as his {7-Clubs}{7-Diamonds} trailed the {9-Hearts}{9-Clubs} of Dykhouse.

The {6-Clubs}{2-Hearts}{6-Spades}{a-Hearts}{5-Hearts} run-out brought no help for Ehrke and he hit the rail in fourth place.

Player Chips Progress
Ryan Dykhouse us
Ryan Dykhouse
us 6,100,000 1,700,000
Jeremy Ehrke us
Jeremy Ehrke
us Busted

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