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Vang Scoops Biggest Pot of Tournament

mnuwwarah • Level 18: 10,000-20,000, 2,000 ante
Kou just won the biggest pot we've seen here in Indiana.

Allen Lanier opened for 37,000 in early position and found two callers: Kou Vang on the button and Charlie Sizemore in the big blind.

After the {9-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}{3-Spades} flop, action checked to Vang, who bet 49,000. Sizemore shoved all in for 170,000 total, and Lanier contemplated for a bit before calling. Vang then shipped all in for 401,000 more, and Lanier tanked for a couple of minutes before sliding forward calling chips once more.

Lanier: {j-}{10-}
Vang: {3-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}
Sizemore: {a-Hearts}{9-Hearts}

Vang's set was leading, but Lanier still had outs with his open-ender. A {5-Hearts} turn opened the door for Sizemore to grab the pot if the river was a heart, but the {j-Clubs} bricked off for everyone, and Vang became the first player to reach seven figures.

Player Chips Progress
Kou Vang us
Kou Vang
us 1,550,000 1,250,000
Allen Lanier
Allen Lanier
300,000 -250,000
Charlie Sizemore
Charlie Sizemore

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