Live Events 2
$1,110 Main Event

Cooper Wanty Eliminated in 4th Place ($28,253)

mnuwwarah • Level 28: 40,000-80,000, 10,000 ante
Cooper Wanty

Cooper Wanty moved all in under the gun for 610,000 and Tony Piazza announced a call in the small blind.

Wanty: {2-Hearts}{2-Spades}
Piazza: {a-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds}

The {8-Hearts}{9-Clubs}{6-Clubs}{q-Diamonds} board had Wanty set to double if he could fade the river. However, the {a-Hearts} landed and he shot out of his chair before shaking his opponents' hands.

Player Chips Progress
Tony Piazza US
Tony Piazza
US 2,700,000 480,000
Cooper Wanty us
Cooper Wanty
us Busted

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