MSPT Venetian $1,600 Main Event

Wong Makes Java Pay

HillKerby • Level 4: 200-300, 300 ante
Eric Wong

Action was heads up between Nipun Java in the small blind and Eric Wong, who was in middle position. Java had checked and was facing a bet of 11,000 that was in front of Wong on a board of {3-Diamonds}{a-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}{a-Spades}{4-Clubs}. Java was in the tank, and remained there for close to two minutes before finding a call.

Wong showed {a-Clubs}{a-Hearts} for quads. Java sent his cards to the muck and then threw his calling chips closer to the center of the table for the dealer to scoop them up and send them to Wong.

"Nice hand," added Java.

Chip Counts
Eric Wong us 71,000 71,000
Nipun Java in 16,500 -17,500

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