€1,000,000 Big One For One Drop

Hands #100-105: Elton Tsang Extends His Chip Lead

[user265690] • Level 18: 300,000-600,000, 100,000 ante

Hand #100: Anatoly Gurtovoy opened to 1,700,000 only for Rick Salomon to move all-in, Gurtovoy didn't even request a count before folding.

Hand #101: Elton Tsang opened to his standard 1,300,000 and Anatoly Gurtovoy defended from the big blind. On the {2-Diamonds}{8-Spades}{Q-Clubs} flop Tsang bet 1,400,000, Gurtovoy raised it up to 3,000,000 and Tsang smooth called. The {7-Clubs} fell on the turn , both players checked and the {Q-Diamonds} hit the river. Gurtovoy bet 3,500,000 and Tsang went deep into the tank before calling. Gurtovoy opened {K-Diamonds}{10-Clubs} for just king high, while Tsang had pocket tens and took the pot.

Hand #102: A raise and take for Rick Salomon.

Hand #103: Elton Tsang limped the small blind, Rick Salomon raised it up to 1,600,000 from the big and Tsang called. On the {J-Hearts}{K-Diamonds}{Q-Clubs} flop Tsang check-called a further 1,000,000 but he folded to further aggression from Salomon on the {4-Spades} turn.

Hand #104: James Bord defended his big blind to a raise of 1,300,000 from Elton Tsang. The {2-Hearts}{5-Hearts}{6-Spades} flop was checked through, but Tsang's bet of 1,500,000 on the {9-Diamonds} turn earned him the pot.

#Hand 105: A raise and take for Elton Tsang.

Player Chips Progress
Elton Tsang hk
Elton Tsang
hk 92,725,000 18,725,000
Anatoly Gurtovoy RU
Anatoly Gurtovoy
RU 17,825,000 -14,175,000
Rick Salomon us
Rick Salomon
us 16,450,000 6,100,000
James Bord gb
James Bord
gb 13,000,000 -3,200,000

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