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HK$1,000,000 Short Deck Ante-Only

Ivan Leow Eliminated in 6th Place (HK$3,540,000)

MrCleverFox • Level 14: 0-0, 25,000 ante
Ivan Leow

Richard Yong limped in with {10-Spades}{8-Diamonds} and Kenneth Kee limped in with {A-Clubs}{10-Clubs}. Ivan Leow moved in with {K-Spades}{Q-Spades} for 580,000. Yong folded but Kee called after giving it some thought and it was off to the races.

The flop was {J-Spades}{9-Clubs}{8-Hearts} which gave a sweat to both players with straight draws for each. The turn was the {K-Clubs} and that put Leow in the lead with a pair of kinds, but Kee picked up both flush and straight draws. The river was the {7-Hearts} and that gave Kee the straight, eliminating Leow from the tournament.

Kee took down the pot and moved to four million in chips while Leow will take home HK$3,540,000 for his sixth-place finish.

Player Chips Progress
Kenneth Kee SG
Kenneth Kee
SG 4,000,000 305,000
Ivan Leow my
Ivan Leow
my Busted

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