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Main Event

Jan Eckert Eliminated in 5th Place (€14,600)

KaleGozer • Level 24: 25,000-50,000, 5,000 ante
Jan Eckert

Jan Eckert shoved 850,000 on the button, Henri Piironen reshoved all in from the small blind and Roberto Morra folded the big blind.

Jan Eckert: {A-Hearts}{5-Clubs}
Henri Piironen: {9-Spades}{9-Hearts}

After the {8-Hearts}{J-Clubs}{10-Hearts} flop and {Q-Spades} turn, Eckert would now be needing the kings instead of the aces if he was to survive.

Unfortunately for him, it was the {A-Clubs} that fell on the river and he shook hands as he made his way off the feature table.

Jan Eckert
Jan Eckert
Player Chips Progress
Henri Piironen fi
Henri Piironen
fi 3,320,000 1,120,000
Daniel Jacobsen dk
Daniel Jacobsen
dk 1,860,000 -25,000
Julien Stropoli fr
Julien Stropoli
fr 1,660,000 -250,000
Roberto Morra it
Roberto Morra
it 1,350,000
Jan Eckert DE
Jan Eckert
DE Busted

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