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$10,000 Main Event

Bojang Doubles Through Liu

Mateusz_Pater • Level 9: 500-1,000, 100 ante

We arrived at the table with the flop showing {9-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}{k-Clubs}. The decision was on Ismael Bojang who thought about his decision for over a minute before announcing all in for his last 21,400 in chips. Xuan Liu was his opponent and made the quick call before both players tabled their cards.

Bojang: {a-Clubs}{10-Clubs}
Liu: {k-Spades}{10-Diamonds}

Liu was leading with a pair of kings with Bojang needing to hit an ace to win the hand. The {q-Hearts} gave Bojang additional outs to a straight. The {a-Spades} on the river was just what Bojang needed as he made a higher pair to take down the pot.

Player Chips Progress
Xuan Liu ca
Xuan Liu
ca 77,000 -18,000
Ismael Bojang de
Ismael Bojang
de 59,000 19,500

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