GGPoker Super MILLION$ Week partypoker MILLIONS Online 2021 PokerStars MICOOP
€4,500 Championship Main Event

Dea Dream Believer?

O'Dea raised to 160,000 from the button. Savary reraised to 330,000 from the big blind.

O'Dea thought for 30 seconds and then called.

Flop: {7-Spades} {5-?} {3-Hearts}

"All-in," said Savary.

"Call," said O'Dea.

Savary: {A-Clubs} {K-Hearts} slightly in trouble because...

O'Dea: {6-Hearts} {4-Hearts} for the flopped nuts.

The {A-Hearts} turn signaled the Irishman's double up. The {9-Spades} river meaning nothing. O'Dea and Savary both have about 3.1 million, Lacay with about 1.9 million.


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