2022 888poker XL Winter Series WSOPC Rozvadov
Main Event

Kyriakides on Top

zedmaster84 • Level 9: 400-800, 100 ante

All final hands are now done and the chips are bagged up. Below are some assorted chip counts, the full list will be available within the hour.

Player Chips Progress
Miltiadis Kyriakides cy
Miltiadis Kyriakides
cy 159,900 23,900
Ara Melkistian LB
Ara Melkistian
LB 132,200 -24,800
Amir Ali Etemad Saeid us
Amir Ali Etemad Saeid
us 111,400 1,400
Alper Kostem TR
Alper Kostem
TR 100,400 5,400
Jan Bendik sk
Jan Bendik
sk 92,800 36,800
Andreas Christoforou cy
Andreas Christoforou
cy 86,100 -4,900
Ates Hikmet TR
Ates Hikmet
TR 47,200 2,200

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