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Simon Steinberg Eliminated in 19th Place (€3,920)

zedmaster84 • Level 23: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante
Simon Steinberg - 19th place

In a previous hand, Simon Steinberg had folded to the aggression of Heinrich Pauker and now shoved all in from the cutoff for less than seven big blinds. Nicolas Nicolopoulos made the call in the big blind with {A-Diamonds} {Q-Hearts} and Steinberg was looking for fives or kings with his {K-Clubs} {5-Hearts}.

The {6-Hearts} {A-Spades} {A-Clubs} flop left the Israeli drawing dead before the {A-Hearts} turn was an overkill, giving Nicolopoulos quads to add to the misery. The meaningless {J-Diamonds} river was just a formality and the remaining 18 players are now drawn onto the final two tables.

Player Chips Progress
Nicolas Nicolopoulos BE
Nicolas Nicolopoulos
BE 420,000 -96,000
Simon Steinberg IL
Simon Steinberg
IL Busted

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