WPT Global

WPT Global is the place to be this holiday season as the platform rolls out its 12 Days of Xmas promotion that looks to reward players who complete a series of challenges.

Running from December 1-12, players on WPT Global can win great prizes such as MTT tickets, cash and entry into raffles with $10,000 and $20,000 prize pools.

Three Levels of Challenges

In total, there are 24 challenges split into three tiers: easy, medium, and hard. 10 challenges sit under the easy and medium tier while the remainder slot under the hard column.

The tasks set are all achievable and potentially pose a quick route to boosting your bankroll throughout the holiday period.

Try Rabbit HuntMake The Money in a MTT TournamentWin with Quads or Better in a NLH Cash Game
Make a Side BetWin with a Straight in a NLH Cash GamePlay 1,000 NLH Cash Game Hands
Win Three Times at Poker FlipsWin with a Flush in a NLH Cash GamePlay 1,000 Short Deck Cash Game Hands
Play at Least 1 Cash Game Hand for Six Consecutive DaysWin with a Full House in a NLH Cash GamePlay 2,000 Pace Hands
Play a Bounty TournamentWin with Aces in a Short Deck Cash Game 
Play a Turbo TournamentWin with Aces in a NLH Cash Game 
Try the Reveal Cards FeatureWin with 72o in a NLH Cash Game 
Play 50 NLH Cash Game HandsPlay 300 NLH Cash Game Hands 
Play 50 Short Deck Cash Game HandsPlay 300 Short Deck Cash Game Hands 
Play 50 Pace HandsPlay 300 Pace Hands 

Join WPT Global with a Welcome Bonus Worth Up to $1,200

What better what to start your WPT Global journey than by helping yourself to a welcome bonus worth up to $1,200. Download WPT Global via PokerNews, create your free account, make a deposit of at least $20, and WPT Global matches your initial deposit 100% up to a maximum of $1,200.

The bonus money releases into your playable account balance in $5 increments each time you contribute $20 to the cash game rake or pay in tournament fees; you have 90 days to release as much of the bonus as possible.