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Wade Woelfel Eliminated in 2nd Place ($120,018)

Wade Woelfel - 2nd place

Adam Teasdale opened to 170,000 on the button and Wade Woelfel three-bet to 410,000 from the big blind. A call from Teasdale landed a {Q-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}{6-Hearts} flop to the board.

Woelfel fired 380,000, Teasdale called, and the {4-Spades} hit the turn. This time Woelfel checked it to Teasdale who bet 460,000. After about three minutes in the tank, Woelfel re-raised all in.

Teasdale immediately began to squirm in his chair and count through his chips. Woelfel remained still in his seat as Teasdale began saying a number of things, chief among them being "this would be a sick call." Teasdale asked for a count and upon learning it was 3.64 million, Teasdale announced "I've got to call you," after about five minutes total.

"Good call," replied Woelfel, who tabled {A-Spades}{5-Hearts}.

Teasdale jumped out of his seat and showed {9-Spades}{4-Hearts} for queens and fours.

"Deuce deuce deuce," Teasdale called for, needing to dodge an ace, six, or five on the river.

The {Q-Clubs} landed on the river, sealing the deal for Teasdale and ending Woelfel's run in second place.

Chip Counts
Adam Teasdale 12,315,000 4,600,000
Wade Woelfel Busted

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