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$1,700 Main Event

Clyde Hinton Eliminated in 4th Place ($29,900)

ajlamers • Level 27: 25,000-50,000, 50,000 ante
Clyde Hinton

Matt Russell found himself another double up with pocket queens against the pocket jacks of Alexander Orlov, bringing Russell back to over one million chips. In the next hand, Clyde Hinton limped in from the small blind and Russell checked his big blind.

The flop came {j-}{10-}{8-} and it didn't take long for Hinton and Russell to get their chips in the middle again. This time, it was Hinton at risk for around 700,000 and he needed some help.

Russell turned over {10-}{9-} against the {10-}{7-} of Hinton. The board ran out clean for Russell and his nine-kicker was good enough to eliminate Hinton in fourth place.

Player Chips Progress
Alexander Orlov ru
Alexander Orlov
ru 2,420,000 150,000
Matt Russell us
Matt Russell
us 1,440,000 740,000

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