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Main Event

"Call, Call, Call, and Now You Fold?"

Jaxon • Level 6: 300-500, 500 ante

Luigi Macaluso bet 6,000 into a pot of a bit more with the {8-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{10-Spades} on the board and a player registered under the nickname Tely made the call.

Macaluso bet 6,000 again after the {4-Hearts} came on the turn and Tely made the call.

The {q-Spades} completed the board on the river. Tely jammed his remaining stack of 15,000 in chips.

"Why, why, why?" Tely asked immediately after his opponent's bet.

"You call, call, call, and now you fold," Macaluso asked.

The duo continued to banter for a couple of minutes.

"I know you are going to fold," said Macaluso.

"You have ace-king," said Tely.

"If I have ace-king, you win," responded Macaluso. "I see it in your eyes you will fold."

Tely eventually did fold and showed his the table he held {k-Hearts}{10-Hearts}.

"I will show," said Macaluso as he turned over {a-Clubs}{7-Spades} for a missed draw.

"I knew it," said Tely as he stood up from the table for a moment.

Player Chips Progress
Luigi Macaluso fr
Luigi Macaluso
fr 48,000
Tely MA
MA 35,000

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