2021 World Series of Poker Europe End Boss Poker Series BetMGM
Event 14 - $1,500 Seven Card Stud

Event Info

Buy-in $1,500
Prize Pool $539,175
Players 395
Event 14 - $1,500 Seven Card Stud
Day 2 Completed

Michael Keiner Wins the Bracelet

An elated and emotional Michael Keiner posed for photos after capturing his first WSOP bracelet, earning $146,987 for his win.

Nesbitt Coburn was our runner-up, netting $80,876 for second.

Here are the official final table results:

1. Michael "The Doc" Keiner $146,987
2. Nesbitt Coburn $80,876
3. Steve Sung $51,222
4. Barry Greenstein $33,698
5. Dale Phillips $26,150
6. Greg "Fossilman" Raymer $19,680
7. John Robertson $15,097
8. Larry Eubanks $11,053

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Keiner Breaks One Million

The Doc is picking apart at Nesbitt Coburn with the precision of a surgeon. Nesbitt is down to his last 80,000 chips.

Keiner on the Move

In the first five or ten minutes of heads-up play, Coburn showed signs of grit, quickly catching up to Keiner's lead. Since then, it's been all Michael Keiner; he just took down the biggest pot of the tournament, worth over 200k, with Broadway (an ace-high straight), against Coburn's set of sixes.

Keiner is fast approaching one million in chips.

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Signs of Fatigue

Twice since heads-up play began, Michael Keiner has made a flush on the river and checked, not realizing the strength of his hand.

Once again, They're Playing it Out

Nesbitt seemed to be the main voice behind the decision to continue play tonight. He even declined the opportunity to be filmed by ESPN tomorrow afternoon. The pair are separated by a little over 100,000, which isn't much considering the size of their stacks.

Stay tuned; we will have a new bracelet winner tonight...err...this morning.

Steve Sung Knocked Out in Third

Nesbitt Coburn just eliminated Steve Sung in third place, setting the stage for a heads-up duel between Coburn and German superstar Michael Keiner.

Sung received $51,222 for his top-three finish.

After Sung's elimination, the tournament director informed our two finalists that ESPN would like to film a portion of their heads-up match and conduct a bracelet ceremony with commissioner Jeffrey Pollack.

Coburn and Keiner took a short break to consider their options -- we'll let you know what they decide on.

Keiner Still Dominating

Showing {2-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}{5-Spades}{5-Hearts}, Steve Sung bet fourth, fifth, and sixth streets, and was called all the way down by Michael Keiner. Both players checked the river, and Keiner's tens were good enough to scoop the pot.

Keiner now has more than half the chips in play.

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Barry Out in Fourth

Barry Greenstein
Barry Greenstein
As I'm writing this post, Barry Greenstein is signing a copy of his book for Nesbitt Coburn, the man who eliminated him from the tournament.

Barry's fourth-place finish landed him $33,698 -- not bad for two day's work.

Sidenote: Nesbitt was gracious enough to let us see what Barry wrote in the book, and we found the following:

2007 World Series of Poker
Event 14: $1500 Seven Card Stud
June 8-10, 2007

Underneath the event name and date, Barry includes the exact hands each player held, and signs his name at the bottom.

Talk about class? Barry defines the word.

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