Event 28 - $3,000 No Limit Holdem

Hand #47 - Brett Richey Eliminated in 8th Place ($42,227)

Hand #47 - Phil Hellmuth has the button in seat 1, Richey raises from early position to 80,000, Shak moves all in from the cutoff, and Hellmuth excitedly stands up and says, "All in!" The crowd rises in anticipation, but the action is still on Richey. Beth Shak is practically dancing behind her chair, and beaming at her husband Dan in the stands, who keeps mouthing the question, "Aces? Aces?" Richey decides to call all in, and it's a three-way all-in situation. Here are the cards:

Phil Hellmuth: {A-Clubs}{A-Spades} - 82,000 in chips
Brett Richey: {K-Clubs}{K-Spades} - 424,000 in chips
Beth Shak: {A-Diamonds}{A-Hearts} - more than 424,000

The crowd explodes when they see the cards. Both Hellmuth and Shak looked ecstatic, and Matusow is shocked that Richey called, because both Hellmuth and Shak looked so extremely happy to be all in -- a clear sign of aces. Matusow says he's never seen a more clear situation where you should automatically fold pocket kings preflop. But Richey isn't dead yet.

The crowd is yelling, and Phil Hellmuth goes back to Ivey, presumably to book some more insurance.

The flop comes {10-Spades}{7-Spades}{3-Diamonds}, and Hellmuth has the only flush possibility.

The turn card is the {8-Clubs}, and the crowd sighs, hoping for a spade to make things interesting. Only a king on the river can save Richey now.

The river card is the {4-Clubs}, and Brett Richey is eliminated in eighth place, earning $42,227. The next player eliminated will receive $57,063 in seventh place.

Beth Shak walks over to Phil Hellmuth and gives him a sweet hug. Richey walks up a few seconds later to shake Hellmuth's hand. Matusow walks on stage about a minute later, laughing with Hellmuth about the situation, and saying once again that when two people are all in and dancing about it, you need to fold pocket kings preflop.

It'll take a few minutes to chop up this pot between Hellmuth and Shak.