$5,000 Ante Up For Africa Poker Tournament

The Comfort of the Familiar


Phil Hellmuth is here MCing, apparently on a break from the $10,000 PLO tournament. He's chatted with Shannon Elizabeth, who admitted that after being here in Vegas for the whole WSOP, "I'm ready to shoot myself"; Chris Ferguson; and Aussie cricketer Shane Warne.

Hellmuth noted that Warne is one of the most famous sprots figures in the world who is completely unknown here in America. Hellmuth found a few railbirds who knew of Warne and asked them to list Warne's accomplishments.

"He's the best bowler in the world," they said in an Aussie accent. Hellmuth had trouble deciphering what they said.

"The best baller in the world?" he asked. He was quickly corrected.

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