Event #35: $10,000 Heads Up No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Event Info

Buy-in $10,000
Prize Pool $2,406,400
Players 256

Level Info

Level 7
Blinds 60,000 / 120,000
Ante 0

Match 2: Can't Push Ayaz Away That Easy!


Ernst Schmejkal entered the pot with his standard min-raise of 160,000 with Ayaz Mahmood making the call.

Mahmood led out for 175,000 on the {7-Spades}{4-Diamonds}{j-Hearts} flop only to have Schmejkal bump it to 500,000.

Mahmood made the call, and after the {4-Clubs} was checked on the turn, he fired out 400,000 when the river landed the {10-Diamonds} to pick up the pot from Schmejkal.

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Match 2: One for Schmejkal


Ernst Schmejkal made it 160,000 from the button and Ayaz Mahmood made the call.

The flop came down {3-Hearts}{10-Clubs}{j-Spades}. Mahmood bet 160,000 and Schmejkal made the call and the turn brought the {9-Hearts}.

Mahmood bet 250,000 and Schmejkal followed along to the river, which was the {k-Clubs}. The two checked and Schmejkal flipped over {j-Clubs}{7-Hearts} to win the pot.

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Match 2: Kings-Up . . . Chop It Up (Again)


Ernst Schmejkal opened for a min-raise to 160,000 and Ayaz Mahmood made the call to see a {8-Diamonds}{Q-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts} flop fall.

Mahmood checked and Schmejkal fired out 150,000 with Mahmood making the call.

The {7-Hearts} on the turn was checked through and when the {K-Spades} landed on the turn, Mahmood check-called a 350,000-chip bet from Schmejkal.

Schmejkal tabled his {K-Clubs}{3-Clubs} for a rivered pair of kings, but Mahmood would table virtually the same hand when he flipped over his {K-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds} to see the pot chopped up.

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Match 2: Jack-high Wins


It was limped to the flop of {3-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}.

Ayaz Mahmood bet 80,000 and was called by Ernst Schmejkal. The {9-Hearts} fell on the turn and both players checked.

They checked the {k-Clubs} river and Schmejkal won the pot with jack-high.

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Match 2: Check, Bet, Raise, Re-Raise Victory For Schmejkal


Ernst Schmejkal limped in and Ayaz Mahmood checked his option to see a {8-Spades}{K-Clubs}{7-Hearts} flop fall.

Mahmood checked and Schmejkal fired out 80,000 only to get quickly check-raised to 275,000.

Schmejkal took his time contemplating his decision before sliding in a stack of green 25,000-denomination chips into the pot amounting to a re-raise of 525,000 total.

Mahmood quickly folded and Schmejkal was pushed the pot to climb back to 2,550,000 in chips.

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Match 2: Who's That On The Rail?


"OMG Donnie Peters and Marc Hodge are on the rail!" announced a fellow person in the media row.

Donnie who? Marc who? Who are these random people you are talking about you may asking from your computer back home.

Well you may know them better as donpeters, who is currently a blogger for PokerNews, and MaconMarc, who used to blog and report for us, watching this exciting heads up duel!

Why do you think that our fellow media row member stated this utterly useless fact?

Probably because it was the most excitement we've seen in the past hour!

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