MSPT Deadwood 2021 NJSCOOP 2021 MISCOOP
Event #38: $10,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em Championship

Congratulations to Valdemar Kwaysser, Event #38 Champion ($617,214)

Valdemar Kwaysser, Event #38 champion

"BOO KA YA! YA! YA! BOO KA YA YA YA!" cheered Valdemar Kwaysser's throng of supporters, embracing their man as they collectively jumped up and down to celebrate his victory. We're not exactly experts in Eastern European languages, but from here it looked genuine, emotional, and utterly thrilling for the young man from Hungary who just captured his first WSOP bracelet.

Matt Marafioti literally had to kiss the bracelet goodbye when his flush draw failed to come in on that final hand. As Kwaysser celebrated, Marafioti quietly walked back to the table, picked it up and stared at it longingly before walking offstage.

Kwaysser has been wearing a plaid newsboy cap for the duration of this tournament and we're virtually guaranteed to see more of his lucky hat in the coming days. Hailing from Budapest, Kwaysser had already captured two major titles before today, winning the first-ever Latin American Poker Tour Event back in 2008 and taking down the Italian Poker Tour-San Remo main event last February. This is his seventh cash overall at the WSOP, his third this year, and at his first final table, he was able to close it out and come away with the win.

Congratulations to Valdemar Kwaysser on a dominating short-handed performance and a spectacular victory. For all of us at PokerNews, thanks for following along. The sun is about to come up and our beds are calling.

From the Rio in Las Vegas, good night and good luck.