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Seed Ships on Negreanu


After seeing a mutli-way flop fall {j-Spades}{7-Hearts}{4-Clubs}, Huck Seed checked, and Johnny Chan bet 12,000. Daniel Negreanu called on the button, and Seed joined them for another street. The turn brought the {k-Hearts}, and Seed and Chan both checked it. Negreanu bet 20,000, and Seed called quickly. Chan let them go to the river heads up. The {8-Spades} was Huck's cue to end the checking. Instead, he moved all in for a total of 41,500. Once again, Negreanu was faced with a river bet he really didn't like. Kid Poker shook his head and talked through his usual routine. As he has several times before today, Negreanu arrived at "fold" as the correct decision. Seed to the nice pot to chip up to 130,000. Negreanu continued his downward trend, now the short stack with 55,000.

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