2021 GG Spring Festival PokerStars SCOOP 2021 partypoker Sunday LIVE
Event #1: $500 Casino Employees No-Limit Hold'em

Claudio Falcaro Eliminated in 3rd Place ($32,753)

123md • Level 22: 15,000-30,000, 5,000 ante
Claudio Falcaro - 3rd place

From the small blind, Claudio Falcaro shoved for 257,000. Jason Baker called from the big blind and revealed {A-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}, slightly ahead Falcaro's {J-Spades}{10-Spades}.

Falcaro picked up extra outs when the flop came down {9-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{4-Hearts}. However, the {5-Diamonds} turn brought Falcaro no help nor did the {K-Spades} river, ending his tournament in 3rd place for $32,753.

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