2011 World Series of Poker

Event #12: $1,500 Triple Chance No-Limit Hold’em
Day: 3
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2011 World Series of Poker

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25,000 / 50,000

Event #12: $1,500 Triple Chance No-Limit Hold’em

Day 3 Completed

Congratulations to David Diaz, Winner of Event #12: $1,500 Triple Chance No-Limit Hold'em ($352,808)!

Level 27 : 25,000/50,000, 5,000 ante
David Diaz wins Event #12!
David Diaz wins Event #12!

It took nearly 28 hours of play to eliminate 1,339 players but for David Diaz, it was well worth the wait. With just four tables left, this tournament still had the likes of Sam Trickett, Cliff Josephy, Bill Chen, Andy Black, J.C. Tran, Getty Mattingsly and Dan Smith. But Diaz was able to overcome them all, including a head up match with the talented Anders Meli. He will be taking home his very first WSOP gold bracelet and $352,808 for his skill and patience.

We started the final day with ten players and Diaz entered just 9th in chips. He stayed out of the heavy action early, finding spots to add chips when he could including a bluff with Ten-Three. It wasn’t until he got it all in with our Day 2 chip leader Nicholas Rampone that he took the chip lead for the first time. His {A-Diamonds}{Q-Clubs} got there on the turn against the {6-Diamonds}{6-Clubs} of Rampone. However, it wasn’t long before he got short again and in back to back hands had to come from behind in an all in preflop situation to chop both of the pots. But then it happened. Shortly after doubling up and reaching a million chips, Diaz flopped the nut flush against the second nut flush draw of Bill Chen. The two got it in and Diaz took a chip lead that he refused to relinquish.

With play three handed, Diaz continued to put pressure on the two shorter stacks, Andrea Dato and Anders Meli. Dato tried to fight back but the aggressiveness of Diaz caught up with him. Anders Meli was able to gain a little momentum before Dato’s bust but when the battle turned heads up, it was all downhill from there. Diaz poured on the aggression, forcing Meli to chip down further and further as the match progressed. On the final hand, Meli’s {4-Spades}{4-Diamonds} couldn’t hold against the {A-Hearts}{10-Diamonds} holding of Diaz and we had a champion.

When asked if he had expected to win a bracelet his year at the World Series, Diaz responded, “Actually, I expected to win two. I don’t know why but I just did.” Well, David Diaz, you are half way there.

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Diaz Not Letting Up

Level 27 : 25,000/50,000, 5,000 ante

On a flop of {5-Diamonds} {9-Spades} {7-Spades} Diaz check-raised a 50,000 bet from Meli to 250,000. Meli called and the turn came {7-Clubs}. Diaz again checked, Meli bet out 275,000 and Diaz moved all in. Meli folded his hand and continues to lose chips to Diaz.

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A Look at the Current WSOP Player-of-the-Year Leaderboard

Level 27 : 25,000/50,000, 5,000 ante

Current 2011 WSOP Player-of-the-Year Leaderboard

Amir Lehavot31511$573,456
Viacheslav Zhukov31511$465,216
Jake Cody30011$851,192
Sean Getzwiller28011$611,185
Eddie Blumenthal279.8020$589,784
Allen Bari27011$874,116
Geoffry Klein23011$544,388
George Lind220.5010$287,544
Jarred Solomon220.510$354,460
Yevgeniy Timoshenko21010$525,980
Steve Billirakis204.3920$282,133
Sadan Turker19610$377,411
Francesco Barbaro19011$262,283
Maria Ho18910$540,020
Sam Stein173.2510$269,649
Harrison Wilder17011$205,065
Sean LeFort150.7520$353,126
Eugene Katchalov15011$122,909

*Standings through Event #11

A Five-Bet WIthout a Flop

David Diaz opened for 125,000 and Anders Meli raised to 250,000. Diaz then popped it to 425,000 and Meli five-bet to 750,000. After some thought Diaz released his hand and Meli dragged a sizable pot without ever seeing a flop.

Player Chips Progress
David Diaz us
David Diaz
WSOP 1X Winner
Anders Meli
Anders Meli

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Level: 27

Blinds: 25,000/50,000

Ante: 5,000