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Event #36: $2,500 No-Limit Hold’em

Perelman Gets Some Action

[user66118] • Level 4: 100-200, 0 ante

A player in early position opened to 450, and Rob Perelman three-bet to 1,225. A player with position on both cold-called, and the initial raiser came along for a three-handed flop.

It came {Q-Diamonds} {4-Hearts} {A-Hearts}, and the initial raiser checked. Perelman continued out with 1,225, and the player with position folded. The checker called, though, and the {7-Clubs} landed on fourth street. After a long pause, he checked again, and Perelman shoved for the ~5,400 effective chips his opponent had. Snap-call!

Perelman: {Q-Hearts} {Q-Spades}
Opponent: {7-Hearts} {7-Spades}

Oof! That was a fantastic turn card for Perelman, and the river {2-Hearts} gave him the knockout. He's up over 30,000 now.

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