Event 16: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em - Six-Handed

Jonathan Currle Eliminated in 9th Place($29,665)

Jonathan Currle

Action started with Matt Matros raising it up to 35,000. Jonathan Currle was next to act, and he three bet to 85,000. It got back to Matros, and after about 45 seconds of thinking, he four bet to 190,000, with about 400k behind. Currle thought for about 15 seconds before shoving, and Matros snapped called.

Matros: {a-Clubs}{a-Hearts}
Currle: {k-Hearts}{j-Diamonds}

Currle got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and he would need a world of help. The flop hardly brought any, coming {q-Clubs}{4-Hearts}{6-Hearts}. The {a-Diamonds} hit the turn, and while it gave Matros a set of aces, it was actually a great card for Currle, as it kept him alive with a straight draw. A ten on the river would give him the unlikely double up, but the river brought the {q-Diamonds}.

Currle was sent to the payout desk, while the two-time bracelet winner Matros is now our chip leader with 1.3 million.

Player Chips Progress
Matthew Matros us
Matthew Matros
us 1,325,000 785,000
Jonathan Currle de
Jonathan Currle
de Busted

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