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Williams Turning the Screws

David Williams


David Williams completed with a {7-}, and both Young Phan ({8-}) and a short-stacked player ({3-}) joined him. Phan would check-fold on fourth.

Williams drew {8-} and {7-} on the next two streets, and he bet it both times. Mr. Opponent called the bet on fourth with a {9-}, but he didn't like the {A-} on fifth.

"I just need two running cards..." he mumbled as he cut down the ~15,000 he had left in front of him. After a bit more anguish, he surrendered.

Williams has really been applying the pressure, and he's worked his stack up to 250,000 on the nose.

Player Chips Progress
David Williams us
David Williams
us 250,000 45,000

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