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Event 57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em - Six-Handed

Reynolds Gets Rivered


On a {K-Hearts}{Q-Clubs}{4-Hearts} flop William Reynolds just got his opponent all in for around 16,000 chips. Reynolds was in great shape and showed {Q-Diamonds}{Q-Spades}. His opponent had {K-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts} and needed a king to survive.

A couple of tables over a loud player shouted something along the lines of, "And I was drawing dead to a king! Can you believe that!".

The same scenario was going down on this table, and the turn was the {A-Spades}. The river brought out the {K-Clubs} and Reynolds' jaw dropped. He just got rivered in the way the player on the other table survived, but luckily he was still smiling a little.

This table was already crazy as we just missed a big pot in which a player called on the river with quads. The other player showed a straight, but not the possible straight flush that was out there. The players at the table were baffled twice in a short period of time, but all still having fun.

Player Chips Progress
William Reynolds us
William Reynolds
us 45,000 -7,000

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