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Event #22: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha

Silber Eliminates Khachatryan as Heater Continues

Chad_Holloway • Level 17: 3,000-6,000, 0 ante
Levon Khachatryan

Levon Khachatryan was in the small blind and checked a {9-Hearts}{j-Hearts}{10-Clubs} flop, which Pakinai Lisawad also did from the big blind. Shawn Silber, who has been on a bit of a heater as of late, took the opportunity to bet 21,000 from middle position. Khachatryan then woke up with a pot-sized check-raise to 101,000 and then called off his last 10,000 after Lisawad folded and Silber repotted.

Khachatryan: {a-Hearts}{q-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}{6-Hearts}
Silber: {a-Spades}{j-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}

Silber had flopped top set, which was up against Khachatryan's double gutshot straight and flush draws. There were a ton of cards that could influence the hand one way or the other, but the {3-Clubs} turn wasn't one of them. It was down to the river for Khachatryan, who would come up short when the {7-Diamonds} blanked on the river.

Khachatryan was eliminated in 21st place for $8,435.

Player Chips Progress
Shawn Silber us
Shawn Silber
us 510,000 145,000
Levon Khachatryan us
Levon Khachatryan
us Busted

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