Event #47: $111,111 One Drop High Rollers No-Limit Hold'em

Haralabos Voulgaris Eliminated

donpeters • Level 21: 30,000-60,000, 10,000 ante
Haralabos Voulgaris

After doubling up Mike Sexton, Haralabos Voulgaris was in the big blind and put his entire stack in the middle as his post, basically saying to the table that he wasn't folding. The floor made him pull it back and just place the big blind, but that didn't matter as Voulgaris was going with the hand anyway, as he would prove.

From the hijack seat, Connor Drinan raised to 120,000. Voulgaris moved all in from the big blind for a little over 200,000 total, and Drinan called. Voulgaris tabled the {K-Hearts}{4-Diamonds} and was ahead of the {Q-Hearts}{9-Clubs} that he was up against for Drinan.

The {A-Spades}{10-Spades}{3-Diamonds} flop kept Voulgaris in the lead, but the {9-Hearts} on the turn set him back as Drinan vaulted to the front with a pair of nines. The river completed the board with the {A-Diamonds} and also completed the tournament for Voulgaris. He was eliminated in 26th place, sending the rest of the tournament onto the official bubble.

Player Chips Progress
Connor Drinan us
Connor Drinan
us 3,300,000 300,000
Haralabos Voulgaris ca
Haralabos Voulgaris
ca Busted