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Event #51: $10,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Kristen Bicknell Wins Event #51 and her First WSOP Bracelet ($173,922)

Mateusz_Pater • Level 23: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante
2013 WSOP Ladies Event Gold Bracelet Winner Kristen Bicknell

Kristen Bicknell has just bested a field of 954 players, to take down Event #51: $10,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship, pocketing $173,922 and a white gold bracelet for her efforts. In only 120-hands, and just over five hours of play, Bicknell made her first WSOP cash a memorable one, also awarding Canada with their 10th bracelet of the series.

The final table started with the quick elimination of Cindy Kerslake , before action slowed right down, with eight-handed play lasting almost two hours.

Connie Bruce was eliminated next, when her {6-Clubs}{6-Hearts} was out flopped by Chris Priday's {A-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}. We then lost Amanda Baker, Eleanor Gudger, Connie Bruce and Shana Matthews in the space of just 25-hands, before being left with just three.

Both Leanne Haas and Kristen Bicknell shared most of the chips in play, as Julie Monsacre started three-handed play with just over 10 big blinds. She lasted three hands, before she committed the remainder of her stack with {k-Hearts}{9-Spades} against Kristen Bicknell's {a-Clubs}{5-Spades}. The board ran out {a-Spades}{2-Clubs}{10-Spades}{j-Clubs}{3-Spades}, to see Monsacre miss her straight draw on the river, as we headed to heads-up play.

Heads-up lasted only seven hands before Bicknell raised to 40,000 and Haas made the call. Haas checked the {3-Hearts}{8-Clubs}{k-Hearts} flop as Bicknell threw out a continuation bet 50,000. Haas called and checked the {j-Clubs} turn. Bicknell bet 130,000, before Haas raised to 280,000. Bicknell made the call and the {7-Hearts} river was dealt on the river. Haas thought for a moment, before moving all in for 627,000 and getting called by Bicknell after she asked for a count.

Bicknell rolled over her {a-Clubs}{k-Clubs} which had Haas dominated, after she tabled her {k-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}. A big hand to finish on, with the kicker proving the difference in the end.

A great result for the Australian (Haas), who walks away with just over $100,000, not bad for her first ever WSOP cash.

PlaceName Prize Money
1Kristen Bicknell$173,922
2Leanne Haas$107,616
3Julie Monsacre$67,331
4Shana Matthews$48,871
5Connie Bruce$36,078
6Eleanor Gudger$27,045
7Amanda Baker$20,572
8Chris Priday$15,858
9Cindy Kerslake$12,389

That concludes our coverage of Event #51. Be sure to keep your browsers locked to PokerNews.com for the rest of the 2013 WSOP and beyond.


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