WSOP Super Circuit Online Series 2021 NJCOOP 2021 MISCOOP partypoker Sunday LIVE
Event #1: $500 Casino Employees No-Limit Hold'em
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Corey Emery us 164,900 0
Jay Graunstadt 125,000 0
Aaron Henderson us 115,700 0
Peter Alba us 105,000 0
David Luttbeg US 87,700 0
Sergio Trevino 87,400 0
Cameron Tullis US 83,200 0
Cory Rodvik 82,400 -2,600
Chen Zhong 80,100
Carlos Loving us 78,700
Ray Kluever 75,900 900
Jonathan Brown 72,700
Kevin Chiem US 72,300 0
Brian Wong us 72,000 -500
Antonio Bonilla 64,800 -2,200
John Taylor US 63,100 10,100
Ludwig Berger 62,000
Patricia Baker 61,700
Chris Solomon 53,300 -6,700
Dustin Iannotti 52,200 0
Romeo Samblero us 50,200
Stephen Conyers 46,700
Mo Nuwwarah us 46,200 0
Charles Nguyen US 45,200
Ronaldo Rodriguez us 37,600
Robert Nonni 36,900
Eric Monson 36,500 6,500
Jason James ca 35,200
Olivier Doremus US 32,800
Brett Halladay 32,400 -2,600
Ian Wiley 31,700 10,300
Mindy Ritchie us 31,000
John Pearson 30,700
Sherwin Pilalia 28,800
Shannon Stash 28,100
Dennis Glover 27,500 0
Sandro Terone 27,000
Roland Reparejo us 25,800
Daniel Grymyr 25,000
Marcin Sobczak US 24,800
Joseph Vigurs 24,500
Luis Gadiana 23,800
Craig Capello 23,400
Andy Rich 22,500 0
Jeffrey Dumlao 22,200
Kristi Nguyen 18,400 -3,600
Alexander Sun 16,200 -19,800
Kristofer Vinson 13,800
Zachariah Miller 9,800
John Dodson 7,300
Andre Labonte Busted
Shannon Vezina Busted
Jason Boucher Busted
Terrence Chan ca Busted
Darik Conley Busted
Chris Cronin Busted
Tony Demori Busted
Emmanuel Ravelo Busted
Jason Dembowski Busted
Pavan Kapur Busted
Dave Feldman Busted
Vongduane Sengseevong Busted
David Campbell us Busted
Billy Carter Busted
Rocky McNatt us Busted
Ken Jones Busted
Chris Danek Busted
Jeffrey Peck Busted
Matt Fridley Busted
Anita Vasquez Busted
Josh Harding Busted
Glenn Sorrells Busted
James Lambert Busted
Andrew Legg Busted
Darold Donnelly Busted
Joe Vigurs Busted
Tom Harper Busted
Charompol CJ Hongthong Busted
Glen Sorrells Busted
Erle Mankin us Updated
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Scott Wygal Updated
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Jesse Kertland us Busted
Johnny Johnson Busted
John Pack Busted
Danielle Barille Busted
Jason Curran Busted
Jessica Lamm Busted
Darold Donelly Busted
Joshua Harding Busted
Daniel Zheng Busted
Anthony Hutchins Busted
Matthew Lukwinski Busted
Victor Moler Busted
Anthony Klemm Busted
Michael Majerus Busted
Agustin Garcia Busted
Arthur Goltz Busted
Richard Marting Busted
Lee Davy Busted
Willy Kerol Busted
Ryan Sackett Busted
Nicholas Nadeau Busted
Jonathan Pilichovski Busted
Dennis Cregg Busted
Michael Counihan Busted
Tyler Byrd Busted
Joseph Neuenfeldt Busted
Sang-Han Kim Busted
Jessica Kamp Updated
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Mike Connors Busted
Phyllis Storz Busted
Mike Coombs us Updated
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Eric Mink Updated
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Matthew Pitt Updated
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Allan Kwong us Updated
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Josh Cahlik Busted
Ben Devlin Updated
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Ty Stewart us Busted
Kristi Smith Updated
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Bernard Lee us Busted
Chad Harberts Updated
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Chad Holloway us Busted
Tim Duckworth au Busted
Jon Beasley Updated
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Jesse Boutin Updated
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Kristy Arnett us Busted
Shaun Harris Busted
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