2014 World Series of Poker

Event #26: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em
Days: 3

Hands #1-4: Gargano Doubles Through Welch

Level 24 : 12,000-24,000, 4,000 ante

Hand #1: Ryan Welch raised to 45,000 from early position and Reed Goodmiller three-bet to 107,000 from the button. Welch four-bet to 205,000 and Goodmiller folded.

Hand #2: Ryan Welch raised to 45,000 from under the gun and Heinz Kamutzki raised all in from the small blind. Michael Katz folded from the big blind and Welch folded as well.

Hand #3: Heinz Kamutzki opened to 42,000 from the button and the blinds folded.

Hand #4: Tony Gargano raised all in for 243,000 from early position and Ryan Welch made the call from the small blind. Gargano turned over {a-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds} and Welch tabled {8-Diamonds}{8-Spades}. The flop came {2-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}{a-Hearts} and Gargano took the lead. Neither the {4-Hearts} turn or {9-Clubs} river would match Welch and Gargano doubled.

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