Event #30: $1,500 Seven-Card Stud Hi-Low
Event #30: $1,500 Seven-Card Stud Hi-Low
Day 2 Completed

12 Players Remain in Stud Hi-Low with Eric Kurtzman On Top

[user80015] • Level 20: 8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante
Eric Kurtzman
Eric Kurtzman

After a long day of intense poker action, Day 2 of Event #30: $1,500 Seven-Card Stud Hi-Low came to a conclusion with Eric Kurtzman leading the final 12 players.

Beginning the day with 109 players, action was fast paced with eliminations flying out the door. Ann Bloom folded down to just over an ante before being eliminated by Anthony Zinno in 65th place, bursting the money bubble and leaving 64 players guaranteed a $2,603 payday.

Mike Watson (63rd), Hoyt Corkins (57th), Maria Ho (50th), Chris Viox (48th), Zinno (43rd), Roland Israelashvili (40th), Matt Glantz (34th), Owais Ahmed (31st), Dylan Linde (23rd), Jesse Martin (19th), and Chris Wallace (16th) all found themselves in the money, but on the rail as the day ended with just 12 players.

Kurtzmann's impressive 490,000-chip stack finished ahead of Calvin Anderson (356,000), Sanjay Pandya (307,000), and Joe Tehan (285,000) for the chip lead. Six-time WSOP bracelet winner Ted Forrest, cash-game specialist Melissa Burr, and 2007 Aussie Millions runner-up Jimmy Fricke still remain in contention for the $190,538 first prize and coveted gold bracelet.

4471Levon Torosyan92,000
4472Robert Goldfarb170,000
4474Melissa Burr222,000
4475Calvin Anderson356,000
4477Ted Forrest183,000
4478Joe Tehan285,000
4481Jimmy Fricke216,000
4482John Myung76,000
4483Eric Kurtzman490,000
4485Sanjay Pandya307,000
4487David Brooker176,000
4488Matthew Kelly73,000

Make sure to join the PokerNews Live Reporting Team from 2 p.m. PT on Sunday as play down until just one remains.

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Kelly Staying Alive

[user80015] • Level 20: 8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante

Eric Kurtzman completed and Matthew Kelly raised all in for his last 13,000 with Kurtzman making the call.

Kurtzman: {3-Clubs}{2-Hearts} / {6-Spades}{2-Diamonds}{K-Hearts}{J-Clubs} / {A-Diamonds}
Kelly: {Q-Spades}{Q-Clubs} / {K-Diamonds}{A-Hearts}{8-Clubs}{K-Spades} / {10-Hearts}

Although Kelly virtually tripled up, he is still the shortest stack in the tournament.

Matthew Kelly us
Matthew Kelly
us 40,000 -10,000

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Alex Livingston Eliminated in 13th Place ($7,588)

Josh_Cahlik • Level 20: 8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante
Alex Livingston - 13th Place
Alex Livingston - 13th Place

Livingston: {5-Spades}{3-Clubs} / {A-Clubs}{J-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{9-Diamonds} / {x-}
Forrest: {a-Diamonds}{7-Spades} / {a-Hearts}{2-Clubs}{9-Clubs}{4-Diamonds} / {3-Hearts}

We arrived at the table in time to see Alex Livingston all in and at risk against Ted Forrest on fourth street. By the hand's end, Forrest was able to make a seven low and a pair of aces for the high. Livingston was unable to improve to beat Forrest's hand and he was eliminated from play in 13th place.

Ted Forrest us
Ted Forrest
us 300,000
Alex Livingston ca
Alex Livingston
ca Busted

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Daniel Ospina Eliminated in 14th Place ($7,588)

Josh_Cahlik • Level 20: 8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante
Daniel Ospina - 14th place
Daniel Ospina - 14th place

Daniel Ospina was all in for his tournament life simultaneously with Alex Livingston on the other table. Opsina was ultimately unable to survive his all in and was eliminated from play in 14th place. Ospina collected $7,588 for his deep run in this event.

Daniel OspinaOut, puesto 14, segunda vez que lloro despues de bustear un torneo.... Gg, gracias por el apoyo! #wsop
Daniel Ospina co
Daniel Ospina
co Busted

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Daniel Durham Eliminated in 15th Place ($6,175)

[user80015] • Level 20: 8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante
Daniel Durham - 15th place
Daniel Durham - 15th place

Before our PokerNews field reporter could get out onto the floor, Daniel Durham hit the rail.

Only having 2,000 on the last hand before the level up, Durham managed to chop against Robert Goldfarb.

However on this occasion, Durham was unable to survive and was sent to the rail courtesy of Calvin Anderson.

Calvin Anderson us
Calvin Anderson
us 235,000 85,000
Daniel Durham US
Daniel Durham
US Busted

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Final Level of the Night

[user80015] • Level 20: 8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante

We are now into the final level of the night.

Although plans are to play down to the final table, at this rate we may fall a few eliminations shy.