Event #41: $1,500 Six-Handed Dealer's Choice

Mizrachi Closing In

mnuwwarah • Level 26

Pot-Limit Omaha

The fight over very small pots continues, and Robert Mizrachi is simply winning more of them.

In a recent hand, the players checked to the end in a PLO pot, Aaron Schaff's selection, and the board was {q-Clubs}{7-Spades}{6-Hearts}{4-Spades}{j-Diamonds}. Mizrachi bet 14,000, and Schaff called. Mizrachi showed {k-Spades}{j-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{3-Hearts} for a pair of jacks, and he took the pot.

Player Chips Progress
Robert Mizrachi us
Robert Mizrachi
us 1,625,000 175,000
Aaron Schaff us
Aaron Schaff
us 260,000 -175,000

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