2014 World Series of Poker

Event #61: $10,000 Seven-Card Stud Championship
Days: 1

Monnette Can Run

Level 1 : 400-800, 100 ante

While John Monnette has not shown up yet for this event, and chances are he will, his running ability are being discussed over on one of the tables.

The table with Shaun Deeb, David Chiu, Barry Greenstein, Huck Seed and David Singer was caught talking about prop bets and we listened closely.

"Every time I hear someone talk about a prop bet it's about you winning," Singer told Seed.

"That's not true, I've lost some silly ones," Seed replied.

Deeb took over the conversation and recalled a prop bet both he and Seed made against Monnette.

"We bet him that we could run a mile faster than he could," Deeb said, before Seed explained that he and Deeb would form a relay team versus Monnette on his own.

"He crushed us," Deeb laughed, as the duo lost by a large margin. "I think he lapped me and he ran a sub six minute mile."

While the early betting in this event is not yet of any major significance, the table talk is most certainly entertaining.

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