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Event #27: $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship

Schwartz Runs Well

zedmaster84 • Level 3


Jake Schwartz: {X-} {X-} / {A-Spades}{9-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}
Katja Thater: {X-} {X-} / {A-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}{4-Clubs}{Q-Hearts} - fold on sixth street

Jake Schwartz bet fourth to sixth streets to pick up a call from Katja Thater on fourth and fifth, followed by a snap-fold on sixth street. While collecting the pot, Schwartz joked, "And it's only level three of the tournament," while chipping up nicely early on. Thater remains just above the starting stack.

Player Chips Progress
Jake Schwartz us
Jake Schwartz
us 65,000 10,000
Katja Thater de
Katja Thater
de 52,000 -5,000

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