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Event #38: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Championship

Salem Doubles Through Yu

will_shill • Level 25: 30,000-60,000, 7,000 ante
Lee Salem

Ben Yu brought in and Lee Salem completed. Yu bet on fourth street and Salem raised all in for 66,000 total. Yu called.

"Do you have three deuces?" asked Salem.

Ben Yu: {7-Spades}{4-Clubs} / {2-Spades}{2-Hearts}{a-Clubs}{q-Hearts} / {x-}
Lee Salem: {7-Hearts}{4-Spades} / {6-Hearts}{j-Hearts}{k-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds} / {x-}

Salem made a pair of his own on sixth street, and Yu would have to catch on seventh street to eliminate his opponent.

Yu caught a {9-Hearts} rendering Salem's {5-Diamonds} meaningless and the latter won the pot.

Player Chips Progress
Ben Yu us
Ben Yu
us 950,000 -200,000
Lee Salem us
Lee Salem
us 210,000 102,000

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