WSOP Super Circuit Online Series WPT Online Series 2021 NJSCOOP 2021 MISCOOP partypoker Sunday LIVE
Event #75: $1,500 The Closer No-Limit Hold'em (30 minute levels) - $1 Million Guarantee
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Joe Cada us 47,000,000 23,000,000
Paawan Bansal in Busted
Jeffrey Tanouye us Busted
Richard Ali us Busted
Eric Afriat ca Busted
Richard Cox us Busted
Jimmy Poper us Busted
Brayden Gazlay us Busted
Joshua Turner us Busted
Sam Simmons US Busted
Avery Bass US Busted
Mark Babekov us Busted
Martin Finger de Busted
Thi Nguyen vn Busted
Tobias Peters nl Busted
Andrew Hedley gb Busted
Tristan Wade us Busted
Chris Conrad us Busted
Nishant Sharma in Busted
Jonas Lauck de Busted
Leif Force us Busted
Benjamin Zamani us Busted
Jeff Siegal us Busted
Edouard Echinard fr Busted
Will Givens us Busted
Joshua Abady us Busted
Jared Hamby us Busted
Erik Lemarquand ca Busted
Haixia Zhang us Busted
Martin Jacobson se Busted
Jerry Robinson us Busted
Andrew Brokos us Busted
Allen Kessler us Busted
Jonathan Tamayo us Busted
Scott Horvath us Busted
Bob Shao us Busted
Fredrick Andersson se Busted
Scott Vetter us Busted
Hero Aguiluz Busted
David Paredes us Busted
Javier Gomez es Busted
Michael Wasserman us Busted
Frank Stepuchin us Busted
Narimaan Ahmadi us Busted
Casey Johnson us Busted
Raghav Bansal in Busted
Richard Fassett Busted
Derek Bowers us Busted
David Thoret FR Busted
Bertrand Grospellier fr Busted
Marius Kudzmanas lt Busted
Tyler Patterson us Busted
Patrick Truong us Busted
Javier Montano us Busted
Rocco Palumbo it Busted
Neng Lee us Busted
Brandon Eisen us Busted
Ryan Olisar us Busted
Aaron Rivero us Busted
Grzegorz Wyraz pl Busted
Kevin Wang us Busted
Dylon Chafin us Busted
Evan Schwartz us Busted
Oleksii Kravchuk ua Busted
Mukul Pahuja us Busted
Miguel Vazquez Busted
Josh Armiger Updated
via app
Nelson Resendiz us Busted
Samuel Phillips us Busted
Chad Layne us Busted
Philip Ford gb Busted
Kolade Akadiri Busted
Peter Moore Busted
Timothy Nauheim Busted
Jeffrey Dambrosia Busted
Dustin Lee us Busted
Ryan Hall ca Busted
Pete Chen tw Busted
Jesse Sylvia us Busted
Connor Drinan us Busted
Sorel Mizzi ca Busted
Matt Stout us Busted
Mike Leah ca Busted
Ari Engel ca Busted
Barry Shulman us Busted
Matt Affleck us Busted
Andy Frankenberger us Busted
Kevin MacPhee us Busted
Jason Wheeler us Busted
Jesse Rockowitz us Busted
DJ MacKinnon us Busted
Noah Goodwin us Busted
Maria Ho us Busted
Jesse Martin us Busted
Ladislav Cerveny sk Busted
Alan Lau hk Busted
Devin Robinson ca Busted
Jameson Painter us Busted
Nipun Java in Busted
Joshua Prager us Busted
David Bach us Busted
Maurice Hawkins us Busted
Sebastian Langrock de Busted
Ioannis Angelou-Konstas gr Busted
Adam Levy us Busted
Aleksandr Gofman ru Busted
Boris Kolev bg Busted
Robin Hegele de Busted
Smain Mamouni fr Busted
Tim West us Busted
Wei Mu us Busted
Salvatore DiCarlo us Busted
Alexandru Papazian ro Busted
Ron Tse Busted
Rainer Kempe de Busted
Jason Corey Busted
Stoyan Obreshkov bg Busted
Thiago Nishijima br Busted
Walter Treccarichi it Busted
Aymon Hata gb Busted
Simon Trumper gb Busted
Renato Kaneoya br Busted
Roland Israelashvili us Busted
Josh Reichard us Busted
Ognyan Dimov bg Busted
Chris Klodnicki us Busted
Je Wook Oh us Busted
Billy Chattaway gb Busted
Aurelie Reard fr Busted
Ryan Phan us Busted
Conor Beresford gb Busted
Giuseppe Pantaleo de Busted
Mike Matusow us Busted
Anthony Zinno us Busted
Varun Natteri Mangadu Busted
Chris Hunichen us Busted
Phachara Wongwichit th Busted
Ben Dobson gb Busted
Dan Zack us Busted
Mike Solarsh Updated
via app
Joe Kuether us Busted
Pedro Padilha br Busted
Aditya Agarwal in Busted
Scott Bohlman us Busted
Vasili Firsau by Busted
Andrey Pateychuk ru Busted
Longsheng Tan us Busted
Luis Pinho pt Busted
Chang Liu Busted
Daniel Zack us Busted
Sai Chiu ca Busted
Ricardo Utida BR Busted
Rep Porter us Busted
Mike Allis us Busted
Hector Ziperovich Busted
John Dombroski Busted
Terrence Byrnes us Busted
Zi Li Busted
Gaurav Raina us Busted
Mohsin Charania us Busted
Yoon Kim us Busted
Antonio Della Sciucca ca Busted
Joseph Liberta us Busted
Darren Rabinowitz us Busted
Jimi Chanthamixay Busted
Daniel Vampan us Busted
Christopher Herrin us Busted
Thomas Boivin be Busted
Federico Butteroni it Busted
Chris Ferguson us Busted
Nicholas Verderamo us Busted
Ilkin Amirov az Busted
Bryan Veach us Busted
Manuel Martinez gb Busted
Richard Dixon us Busted
Michel Akrich fr Busted
Tomas Soderstrom se Busted
Kyle Shigano us Busted
John Courtney Busted
Mitch Garshofsky us Busted
John Zentner us Busted
Matt Glantz us Busted
Loni Harwood us Busted
Jeff Gross us Busted
Joe Serock us Busted
Minh Tran au Busted
Robert Nehorayan us Busted
Aaron Frei us Busted
Tony Scherer us Busted
Scott Sanders us Busted
Christopher Staats us Busted
Dan Iman us Busted
Daniel Pauly Busted
Jesse Yaginuma us Busted
Scott Peterson us Busted
Brian Richardson Busted
Chris Dasilva gb Busted
Bruce McPhillips Busted
Dan Heimiller us Busted
Brandon Shack-Harris us Busted
Ludovic Geilich gb Busted
Tobias Ziegler de Busted
Gianluca Speranza it Busted
Farhintaj Bonyadi us Busted
John Hennigan us Busted
Denis Timofeev ru Busted
Dominykas Mikolaitis lt Busted
Ioannis Angelou Konstas gr Busted
Jung Woo Busted
Walter Chambers us Busted
Andrew Hulme gb Busted
Kevin Kanda Busted
Josh Prager us Busted
Michael Solarsh Busted
[Removed:4] Busted
Isaac Hagerling us Busted
Alberto Ortiz Such es Busted
Lee Watkinson us Busted
Shiharsha Doddapaneni Busted
Frederick Andersson Busted
Dana Muse Busted
Kiryl Radzivonau by Busted
David Mai Busted
Sebastian Kos cz Busted
Vittorio Faricelli Busted
Robert Spano au Busted
Veronica Dunn Busted
Jonathan Rotonda Busted
Jaspal Brar ca Busted
Paul Vacchio us Busted
Phil Laak us Busted
Kristen Bicknell ca Busted
Farah Galfond us Busted
Gary Hasson be Busted
Danny Wong us Busted
Jaroslaw Jaskiewicz ca Busted
Ryan Hong au Busted
Alex Bolotin us Busted
Allan Le us Busted
Jakob Miegel de Busted
William Steffin Busted
Brock Parker us Busted
Chase Bianchi us Busted
Brian Berlin us Busted
Adrian Moreno us Busted
JC Tran us Busted
Ben Keeline us Busted
Benny Glaser gb Busted
Rex Clinkscales us Busted
Julius Malzanini de Busted
Veerachai Vongxaiburana us Busted
Barry Hutter us Busted
David Baker us Busted
Perati Muhamet it Busted
Ryan Buckholtz us Busted
Matthew Lambrecht us Busted
Ozgur Arda tr Busted
Matthew Stein us Busted
Will Berry us Busted
Adam Owen gb Busted
Viliyan Petleshkov bg Busted
Scotty Nguyen us Busted
Tara Dunn ca Busted
Jamie Kerstetter us Busted
Niall Farrell gb Busted
Chris Moorman gb Busted
Piotr Szczygielski Busted
Brent Wheeler us Busted
Luiz Carnasciali Busted
Diogo Veiga pt Busted
Jason Song us Busted
Donis Agnelli it Busted
Adam Richardson us Busted
Jose Luis Calvo Rodriguez es Busted
Amir Mirrasouli us Busted
Nick Binger us Busted
Elia Brigante Busted
Zachary Gruneberg us Busted
Yongjun Lu Busted
Jose Nadal Busted
Jorge Pena us Busted
Caleb Rapoport Busted
Daniel Fuhs us Busted
Gregory Carlson Busted
Haral Tsivicos Busted
Scott Gnau Busted
Javier Fernandez es Busted
Gloria Whimper us Busted
Giovanni Lucente Busted
Georgios Angelo Tavoularis Busted
Richard White us Busted
Troy Quenneville ca Busted
Justin Ligeri us Busted
Kelly Minkin us Busted
Terry Schumacher be Busted
Joseph Cheong us Busted
Johan Guilbert fr Busted
Ryan Milisits us Busted
John Dolan us Busted
James Clendening US Busted
Jeremy Ausmus us Busted
Jeff Katz Busted
Renato Nomura br Busted
Aaron Miles us Busted
Ryan Skop Busted
Jonathan Zarin us Busted
Aaron Mermelstein us Busted
Kevin Eyster us Busted
Scott Davies us Busted
Keith Donovan us Busted
Artur Koren at Busted
Krzysztof Stybaniewicz us Busted
Todd Butts Busted
Larry Nance us Busted
Yan Shing Tsang hk Busted
Michael Gagliano us Busted
William Migely us Busted
Richard Bianchi Busted
Joseph Hebert us Busted
Negie Marucci Busted
Phong Than Nguyen us Busted
Franklin Sears Busted
Bryce Landier us Busted
Russ Krueger Busted
Andrew Kelsall us Busted
Ronnie Bardah us Busted
Karen Sarkisyan ru Busted
Esther Taylor us Busted
Kfir Nahum il Busted
Bryan Piccioli us Busted
Richard Kirsch us Busted
Max Lehmanski de Busted
Jonathan Abdellatif be Busted
Ravi Raghavan us Busted
Tom Cage us Busted
Justin Zaki us Busted
Alexander Greenblatt us Busted
Kenneth Coop Busted
Nikolai Yakovenko ru Busted
Allen Pock us Busted
Amnon Filippi us Busted
Potito Martire it Busted
Brett Feder us Busted
Jeff Daragh Busted
Mike Chau us Busted
Pojana Jenne us Busted
Jonathan Parrott Busted
Jess Martin Busted
Sean Legendre us Busted
Tuvya Felt us Busted
Joshua Rhodes Busted
Jeremy Dresch us Busted
Yves Rolland fr Busted
Michael Meyer Busted
Aoi Oyama Busted
Heroico Aguiluz us Busted
Alex Foxen us Busted
Alexis Fleur fr Busted
Dan Shak us Busted
Jesus Romero Busted
Quoc Vu Busted
Rose Mcgillis Busted
Vincent Li hk Busted
Danny Noam us Busted
James Romero us Busted
Albert Ng us Busted
Riley Keohen us Busted
Yang Zhang cn Busted
Park Yu Cheung hk Busted
Kurt Jewell us Busted
Simon Deadman gb Busted
Georgy Philippovich ru Busted
Pakinai Lisawad th Busted
Sergio Grosso it Busted
Randall Wilson us Busted
Shaun Deeb us Busted
Yuval Bronshtein il Busted
Molly Mossey us Busted
Nacho Barbero ar Busted
Cory Waaland us Busted
Ramin Hajiyev az Busted
Fabien Perrot fr Busted
Ofir Mor us Busted
David Chen us Busted
Raghuram Jonnalagedda us Busted
Tuan Mai us Busted
Peter Svoboda Busted
Adam Maginot Busted
Terry Felischer Busted
Paul Balzano us Busted
Adam Glassman Busted
Benjamin Dobson gb Busted
Ryan Anderson us Busted
Jeremy Saderne fr Busted
Joshua Armiger Busted
Louie Cohen us Busted
Gregory Bock Busted
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