Event #23: $1,500 Eight Game Mix

Vladimir Shchemelev Eliminated in 7th Place ($17,558)

Jan_Kores • Level 27: 40,000-80,000, 0 ante
Vladimir Shchemelev

Omaha Hi-Lo

In what looked like a preflop three-bet pot, John Evans check-raised the {8-Hearts}{9-Spades}{6-Spades} flop and Vladimir Shchemelev bet-called. The {j-Clubs} turn was checked by both players and Evans fired on the {8-Clubs} river, covering Shchemelev's remaining stack. Shchemelev called, but his {a-Hearts}{k-Hearts}{10-Clubs}{3-Hearts} ended up scooped by {a-Spades}{6-Hearts}{5-Hearts}{2-Hearts} as Evans had the nut low and caught a pair of sixes.

Shchemelev left the table in seventh place for a $17,558 payday.

Player Chips Progress
John Evans us
John Evans
us 665,000 260,000
Vladimir Shchemelev ru
Vladimir Shchemelev
ru Busted

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