Live Events 2
Event #58: $50,000 Poker Players Championship

Two Shoves and a Raise and Take It

BrandonTemple • Level 24: 150,000-300,000, 0 ante
Josh Arieh

No-Limit Hold'em

Josh Arieh raised to 205,000 from the button, and Bryce Yockey three-bet shoved for 1.62 million from the small blind. Arieh folded.

The next hand, Arieh raised to 205,000 from under the gun, and everyone folded.

On the last hand of this round of No-Limit Hold'em, Phil Hui raised to 160,000 on the button, and Josh Arieh shoved to put Hui at risk for his last 2.46 million. Hui folded.

Player Chips Progress
Josh Arieh us
Josh Arieh
us 10,000,000 300,000
John Esposito us
John Esposito
us 7,900,000 -200,000
Phillip Hui us
Phillip Hui
us 2,300,000 -200,000
Bryce Yockey us
Bryce Yockey
us 2,000,000 -275,000

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