Event #69: $1,000 Mini Main Event

Hands #29-34: Korn Takes One on the Flop

zedmaster84 • Level 42: 1,200,000-2,400,000, 2,400,000 ante

Hand #29: Lula Taylor opened the action with a raise to 7,000,000 in the hijack and won the blinds and big blind ante.

Hand #30: Stefan Widmer pushed for 22,400,000 on the button and Yi Ma in the small blind asked for a count.

Ma folded, as did Koji Takagi in the big blind.

Hand #31: Andres Korn raised to 5,000,000 from the hijack and Taylor came along out of the big blind to the {a-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{8-Spades} flop. Taylor checked and Korn took down the pot with a bet of 3,700,000.

Hand #32: A walk for Jeremy Saderne.

Hand #33: Takagi raised to 5,200,000 from the cutoff and claimed the blinds and big blind ante.

Hand #34: Takagi limped the hijack and Taylor raised to 8,200,000 in the cutoff. Takagi sent his cards into the muck and the players headed into a short unscheduled break, in which some chips will be raced off.

Player Chips Progress
Jeremy Saderne fr
Jeremy Saderne
fr 101,200,000
Yi Ma CN
Yi Ma
CN 61,400,000 -6,000,000
Andres Korn ar
Andres Korn
ar 52,300,000 2,600,000
Koji Takagi jp
Koji Takagi
jp 50,900,000 -2,400,000
Lula Taylor us
Lula Taylor
us 42,300,000 5,800,000
Stefan Widmer ch
Stefan Widmer
ch 23,400,000 -200,000

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