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Event #8: $10,000 Short Deck No-Limit Hold'em

Wilkerson Eliminated; Play on Money Bubble

will_shill • Level 13: 0-0, 3,000 ante

Action folded to Dustin Dirksen in the cutoff who moved all in. Dylan Wilkerson was on the button and called.

Wilkerson was all in for ten antes with {a-Diamonds}{q-Hearts} against the {a-Hearts}{k-Clubs} of Dirksen.

The flop {7-Diamonds}{q-Spades}{j-Hearts} gave Wilkerson a pair and the turn {6-Diamonds} was a brick. But the {10-Spades} river improved Dirksen to a straight and eliminated Wilkerson.

The tournament is now on the money bubble with 19 left and 18 paid.

Player Chips Progress
Dustin Dirksen us
Dustin Dirksen
us 290,000 30,000
Dylan Wilkerson us
Dylan Wilkerson
us Busted

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