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Event #73: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

Lybaert Over Polk

123md • Level 3: 200-400, 400 ante

Doug Polk raised from early position, Bart Lybaert called from the cutoff and the player on the button called.

The flop was {q-Spades}{2-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}, Polk continued for 1,000 and both Lybaert and the button called.

All three players proceeded to check the {2-Clubs} turn and {10-Clubs} river.

Lybaert showed {q-Clubs}{10-Diamonds} for deuces full of queens, Polk and the third player in the hand mucked and Lybaert collected the pot.

Player Chips Progress
Bart Lybaert be
Bart Lybaert
be 99,000 15,000
Doug Polk us
Doug Polk
us 57,000 -4,200

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