Event #51: $400 Pot Limit Omaha

Benjamin "Wapbap" Voreland Eliminated in 4th Place ($43,165)

zedmaster84 • Level 34: 200,000-400,000, 0 ante

Benjamin "Wapbap" Voreland raised it up to 880,000 on the button and was called by Eoghan "DrRoche" O'Dea in the big blind. On a flop of {q-Hearts}{5-Spades}{2-Clubs}, O'Dea opted for the check and then called a bet of 980,000 by Voreland.

The {10-Clubs} on the turn was checked through and the {10-Spades} river paired the board. O'Dea checked once more and Boreland now bet 1.96 million with fewer than 5.5 million behind. O'Dea moved all-in and Voreland gave it a few seconds of consideration before calling it off.

O'Dea tabled {q-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{9-Clubs}{3-Clubs} for tens full of queens and Voreland hit the rail with {a-Spades}{q-Spades}{j-Hearts}{4-Hearts}, he receives $43,165 for his 4th place finish.

Benjamin "Wapbap" Voreland Eliminated in 4th Place
Benjamin "Wapbap" Voreland Eliminated in 4th Place
Player Chips Progress
Eoghan "DrRoche" O'Dea IE
Eoghan "DrRoche" O'Dea
IE 23,837,630 11,561,910
Nital "4TheAnimals" Jethalal CA
Nital "4TheAnimals" Jethalal
CA 19,991,258 -1,690,000
Robert "Bobzothejock" Le Roux ZA
Robert "Bobzothejock" Le Roux
ZA 6,296,112 615,000
Benjamin "Wapbap" Voreland NO
Benjamin "Wapbap" Voreland
NO Busted