Lone Star Poker Series 2020 NJCOOP
2020 WSOP Global Casino Championship

Apter Loses to Siddiqui

Brett Apter

Blinds: 1,700/3,400/340

After a min-raise, Brett "Metanemesis" Apter shoved his last remaining 69,114 and Faisal "desigolfer" Siddiqui reshoved over the top from the small blind. The original raiser folded and the hands were turned up.

Brett "Metanemesis" Apter: {q-Hearts}{j-Hearts}
Faisal "desigolfer" Siddiqui": {j-Diamonds}{j-Clubs}

The {5-Hearts}{q-Spades}{7-Spades} flop gave Apter the lead, which was short-lived after the case {j-Spades} hit the turn .The {2-Diamonds} river was no help to Apter and ended his tournament run.

Chip Counts
Faisal "desigolfer" Siddiqui 305,366 78,060
Brett "Metanemesis" Apter Busted

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