Lone Star Poker Series 2020 NJCOOP
2020 WSOP Global Casino Championship

Michael "annie_r_u_ok" Trivett Eliminated in 2nd Place ($170,344)

Michael Trivett

In an exciting final hand, Michael "annie_r_u_ok" Trivett and Andrew "RandyLerch" Kelsall got it all in on a flop of {7-Spades}{a-Hearts}{4-Hearts}.

Michael "annie_r_u_ok" Trivett: {7-Clubs}{4-Clubs}
Andrew "RandyLerch" Kelsall: {3-Spades}{5-Spades}

Trivett flopped two pair but Kelsall had a double gutshot straight draw, which he hit on the {2-Hearts} turn. The {8-Diamonds} river was no help to Trivett and he was eliminated in second place.

Chip Counts
Andrew "RandyLerch" Kelsall 7,800,000 2,215,648
Michael "annie_r_u_ok" Trivett Busted

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