Event #33: $500 NLH Grand Finale

"NoLimitFit" Bubbles

AnthonyThompson • Level 22: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

"NoLimitFit" open-jammed under the gun for 8,004 and Michael "BrockLesnar" Holtz isolated from the cutoff.

"NoLimitFit": {q-Spades}{q-Diamonds}
Michael "BrockLesnar" Holtz: {k-Spades}{q-Clubs}

"NoLimitFit" was ahead with their pocket queens but a king appeared in the window on the {3-Clubs}{4-Hearts}{k-Hearts} flop.

The {8-Clubs} turn left "NoLimitFit" praying for the case queen to appear but the {8-Diamonds} paired the board on the river and ended their tournament on the money bubble.

Player Chips Progress
Michael "BrockLesnar" Holtz
Michael "BrockLesnar" Holtz
NoLimitFit US
US Busted

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