Event #37: $1,500 Super Turbo Bounty No-Limit Hold'em Freezeout

Padilha Shoves Turn

Tboss • Level 16: 3,000-6,000, 6,000 ante

The player under the gun raised to 12,000 and Pedro Padilha three-bet to 30,000. Maria Konnikova folded in the small blind before Lewis Murray folded his big blind. The player under the gun made the call.

The dealer fanned a flop of {7-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{3-Hearts} and Padilha's opponent check-called a bet of 20,000.

The turn was the {10-Spades} and once checked to Padilha announced he was all-in for roughly 117,000. His opponent snap-folded and the dealer shipped him the pot.

Player Chips Progress
Pedro Padilha br
Pedro Padilha
br 232,000 77,000
Lewis Murray au
Lewis Murray
au 88,000 39,000
Maria Konnikova us
Maria Konnikova
us 56,000 6,500

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