Event #27: $500 NLH Super Turbo

Event Info

Buy-in $500
Prize Pool $184,950
Players 291

Players Info - Day 1

Players Left 1
Entries 291

Registration Closed


Registration has officially closed for this tournament and there are currently 183 players remaining with 48 being paid.

Romaine Eliminated on Brutal River

Romaine Eliminated
Romaine Eliminated

Blinds 1,000/2,000

On a three-way flop of {7-Hearts}{2-Spades}{4-Clubs}, William "SlaweelRyam" Romaine bet 4,840 but was then raised to 23,537 by Rajendra "vsamba" Mahadevappa.

After the other player got out of the way, Romaine then shipped the rest of his chips into the middle for a total of 40,234.

Mahadevappa made the call and the cards were tabled, with Romaine at risk.

William "SlaweelRyam" Romaine: {j-Diamonds}{j-Hearts}
Rajendra "vsamba" Mahadevappa: {7-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}

Although Romaine was a huge favorite going in, the runout of {a-Diamonds}{3-Clubs} was brutal as it gave Mahadevappa two pair on the river to beat his jacks.

Mahadevappa was pushed the massive pot and Romaine was eliminated.

Rajendra "vsamba" Mahadevappa us
Rajendra "vsamba" Mahadevappa
us 112,863 112,863
William "SlaweelRyam" Romaine us
William "SlaweelRyam" Romaine
us Busted

Registration Closing Soon


Because of the turbo format, players have only 15 minutes remaining before registration closes.

Break Time


The players are on their second five-minute break of the night and will return shortly.

Ayala Jams into Limped Pot


Blinds 500/1000

In a four-way limped pot, the action checked all the way down to the river on a board of {9-Clubs}{a-Spades}{a-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}{a-Clubs}.

Kevin "itashi28" Ayala was second to act from the big blind when he decided to just open-jam his stack of 21,560 with two players behind. It did the job, however, as all of his opponents folded and he was awarded the pot.

Kevin "itashi28" Ayala us
Kevin "itashi28" Ayala
us 26,685

Pot Pushed to Palma


Blinds 300/600

After Daniel "juice" Buzgon opened to 1,400 from middle position, Nick "NickyP1010" Palma three-bet to 3,400 from late position.

Buzgon was the only one to make the call, and the two went heads-up to a flop of {2-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}{4-Spades}, which both players decided to check.

The turn was the {4-Hearts} and Buzgon checked to Palma, who then bet 2,400 and Buzgon promptly folded to award the pot to Palma.

Daniel "juice" Buzgon us
Daniel "juice" Buzgon
us 31,289
Nick "NickyP1010" Palma us
Nick "NickyP1010" Palma
us 23,811

Parry Coolers Dauti in Big Pot

Parry Coolers Dauti
Parry Coolers Dauti

Blinds 140/280

In a single-raised four-way pot, the flop showed {10-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}{7-Clubs} when action checked around to Uke "ooopsmybad" Dauti who bet 840.

Matthew "EarvinMagic" Parry on the button and big blind Kijoon "standardiu" Park made the call and went to the {k-Spades} turn.

Dauti continued for 3,920 and both players called to see the {j-Spades} on the river.

Dauti fired again for 9,240 but then Parry moved all in for 30,662, covering the other two players. Park folded and Dauiti quickly made the call and tabled {k-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds} for rivered top-two pair, but he was then shown the bad news when Parry showed {5-Hearts}{5-Spades} for a flopped set of fives.

Parry was pushed the large pot of 73,729 and Dauti busted out of the tournament.

Matthew "EarvinMagic" Parry us
Matthew "EarvinMagic" Parry
us 73,729
Kijoon "standardiu" Park us
Kijoon "standardiu" Park
us 27,662
Uke "ooopsmybad" Dauti us
Uke "ooopsmybad" Dauti
us Busted

Break Time


The players are on their first five-minute break of the night and will return shortly.

Sahl Applies Pressure

Sahl Apllies Pressure
Sahl Apllies Pressure

Blinds 120/240

After an open to 528 and two callers, Spencer "KCRmoney" Tan Sahl decided to raise it up to 3,030 from the big blind.

David "pmtbmusic" Woodley made the call and the players went heads-up to a flop of {q-Spades}{6-Hearts}{q-Diamonds}.

Sahl continued for 3,753 and Woodley called to see the {4-Spades} turn card.

Sahl fired again for 6,786 and that one seemed to do the trick as Woodley quickly folded.

Spencer "KCRmoney" Tan Sahl us
Spencer "KCRmoney" Tan Sahl
us 55,237
David "pmtbmusic" Woodley us
David "pmtbmusic" Woodley
us 25,732

Lupo Forces Folds on Turn


Blinds 70/140

After an open to 300 from Brittney "blondewonder" Barnes and a call from Daniel "centrfieldr" Lupo, big blind Brandon "raisin_bran" Terry decided to raise it up big to 1,400.

The other two players just called and wet to a flop of {3-Clubs}{4-Spades}{8-Diamonds} which saw Terry continue for 1,065 which both players called again.

The turn was the {6-Clubs} and this time action checked to Lupo and he fired for $4,680 and both of his opponents folded to win him the pot.

Daniel "centrfieldr" Lupo us
Daniel "centrfieldr" Lupo
us 51,595
Brandon "raisin_bran" Terry us
Brandon "raisin_bran" Terry
us 38,280
Brittney "blondewonder" Barnes us
Brittney "blondewonder" Barnes
us 27,535